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3 Chinese Aircraft Carriers With Terrible Capabilities Which Can be Used to Attack Taiwan

China is known as one of the countries with the strongest military power in the world. Similar to the United States and Russia, China has an array of advanced military weapons and equipment with terrible capabilities. One of them that is quite interesting is the Chinese aircraft carrier.

Later, Beijing allegedly was preparing the three aircraft carriers it owns. This was done after the hot conditions between China and Taiwan were getting worse. Here are three Chinese aircraft carriers that can be used to attack Taiwan.

1. Carrier Liaoning

China’s first aircraft carrier was the Liaoning. Historically, this ship was originally developed as a Kuznetsov Class aircraft carrier in the Soviet Union. China was interested in bringing it in in 2002 for further modernization.

Quoted from Navalpost, China began operating this ship in 2012 under the new name Liaoning. In its development, Beijing added several features such as the Type 381 3D active electronically scanned array radar.

In the defense sector, the Chinese H/PJ-14 cannon and the FL-3000N missile system are available. In terms of attack, Liaoning is equipped with J-15 fighter planes, Z-9C helicopters, and several other advanced weapons.

In terms of dimensions, the Liaoning has a length of 304.5 m, a load displacement of 67,500 tons, and a draft of 8.97 meters. The maximum speed of this ship reaches 32 knots and can reach a range of 7,130 km without refueling.

2. Carrier Shandong

The Chinese carrier Shandong entered service in 2019. Compared to its predecessors, it has undergone many changes. Call it like ammunition and jet fuel storage facilities, to giant hangars.

Quoted from Navalpost, Shandong has enough space for planes on deck. In addition, its fleet command and flight control tower are also on separate floors. So it looks more efficient. In addition, the Shandong has a displacement of 70,000 tons, a length of 315 meters. While the maximum speed is 31 knots.

3. Carrier Fujian

Fujian is a conventionally powered Chinese Type-003 aircraft carrier that mimics the Nimitz class in form and function. The latest, this Chinese ship is allegedly going to be used by Beijing if it is willing to attack Taiwan.

Quoted from Military Factory, this ship was first launched on June 17, 2022 in an event that brought the Liaoning and Shandong as well. Unlike America’s Nimitz and Ford-class carriers, the Fujian uses conventional power instead of nuclear power, which limits its strategic reach.

The displacement weight of this ship is 72,000 tons, while its length is estimated at 320 meters. In terms of weapons, Fujian is equipped with various Surface to Air Missile (SAM) and Close in Weapon System (CIWS) installations.